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Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology
Keyano College
Merton College
Minnesota State College (Red Wing)
Newark and Sherwood College
Renton Technical College
Western Iowa Technical

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British Flute Society

National Music Museum

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David and Nina Shorey, Antique Flutes
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The Woodwind Quarterly
Pan Magazine

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Our pdf files:
115001 Graphite Banding
201036 Tefon Insert Jig
206035 French Horn Mpc Die
227006 Flute Hole Set
227006 Chimney Resizer
227014 Bushing Straightner
227015 Washer Dimpler
227016-17 Washer Spinner
227023 Headcork Tool Set
227049 Flute Pad Height Gauge
227053 Flute Station
233041 Sax Adjusting Lever
236030 Flute Leak Isolator
236044 Mag Machine
236054 Feeler Strip Holder
242004 Double Handled Burnisher
257014 Side Winder System
257018 Tenor Sax Height Guage
257020 Alto Sax Height Guage


Flute Tips:
Reskinning Straubinger Pads
A New Padding Technique
BAW method
Flute Tips

Saxophone Tips:
Saxophone Tips

Valentino Pads:
Advantages Of Valentino Synthetic Pads
Installing Valentino Synthetic Piccolo Pads
OEM Installing Press Fit Valentino Pads
OEM Intro To Valentino Synthetic Pads