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Love your tools and they’ll love you back!

The moment you put a professional tool in your hand you can feel its quality expressed with precision, purpose and integrity. Great tool making is a work of art and we simply cannot say enough about the tremendous difference that premium tools make both for the quality of the results and the actual profitability of instrument service businesses. We’re in the business of repair and the business of tool making so we know the importance of professional tooling at every level. The right tools empower the technician to improve the quality of detail and finish on intricate jobs. Having the right tools for the job dramatically improve efficiency of repairs by speeding the process and reducing costly mistakes, and it allows the technician to tackle a broader range of money-making repairs. Great tools feel better in the hand (especially after an 8-hour day when a bad set of pliers can become literally painful to work with or worse, lead to repetitive motion injuries), they prevent injuries and accidents to technicians and instruments alike.

At J.L. Smith, we spend a huge amount of time searching out the best tools on the planet, sourcing, researching and testing what we find. We also design and manufacture precision tools in order to provide our customers with a complete range of innovative, professional tools that will empower their businesses and inspire their very best work. If you have an idea for a unique tool design or product that you think the world needs to see we’d love to know about it.