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JLS Pliers are the first pliers made specifically for our industry. Designed by us and built by us in our factory in Charlotte, NC U.S.A. We have gone beyond modifying pliers for our uses such as competitors do. These are purpose designed from the ground up.  They are machined from solid stainless steel stock which is then hardened. JLS Pliers are designed for ergonomics, proper torque, and best geometry for a variety of functions. Current styles include swedging and whole spring/pin removing.  Watch this site for the rollout of additional plier types.  

Knipex high precision tools from Germany combine function, performance and ergonomic features seldom found in other products. Attention to detail as well as durability have made these tools the favorite of serious craftsmen.

Kowalski Flute Key Pliers are very easy and safe to use, allowing minute adjustments of flute key cups in all dimensions: side to side laterally, side to side tilt, and front to back on any instrument, without making contact with pads, tone holes or the flute body. They reduce the need for partial shimming of pads, allowing pad setups to be made much more precisely and speedily. Pads ought to be brought up to the proper thickness with full shims, and only final precision leveling should be carried out with these tools.