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We offer complete size arrays and assortments of flute shims in paper and plastic. Benefits to technicians include: 
• Consistent sizing. We have selected papers and plastics that maintain a tight tolerance. 
• Waterproof paper and plastics do not absorb water. Leads to a more stable repair. 
• Color-coding keeps the bench organized and repair work efficient. 
• 9.5mm center hole fits flutes better than standard 9mm. 
• Packaged and sold in 100 packs.  
Our flute shims are made in-house on our custom equipment for precise quality control. See why factories and repair shops around the globe prefer our shims!

Paper:The most common material. Suitable for standard felt pads. Works with machined cups, stamped cups, or stabilizers. 
Plastic:  Essential for pads using a machined base such as Straubinger. Unlike felt pads, machined base pads need an allowance (a gap) around the circumference of the pad, which can allow moisture to migrate to and swell up a paper shim. Plastic shims require a flat machined cup or a stabilizer, which provides a flat surface to shim from.