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ABS Rod Stock: ABS is the material from which most plastic-bodied instruments are made. Therefore, this rod stock is the most suitable for repairing these instruments. We carry sizes that will cover you from soprano to contrabass clarinet, whether a tone hole, tenon, or socket repair. Glues up easily with our JLS epoxies.

Delrin Rod Stock: Great machining characteristics and durability. Make this material the choice for tools, etc. Do not use for tenon or tone hole repair. Use either ABS (for plastic instruments) or rubber (for wood or rubber instruments) rod stock instead. Delrin does not glue up reliably. It also expands and contracts at different rates than other materials.

Rubber Rod: 3/4″ diameter. 75A durometer. This rubber rod is softer than the hard rubber used for machined parts.

Hard Rubber Rod: Also called ebonite or vulcanite, this very hard rubber is used to make clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, tone hole inserts, or for tenon repair. It is very stable, machinable, and has great acoustic range. Glues up easily with our JLS epoxies.

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