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Pinning: Pinning has long been the preferred method for repairing cracks on wood instruments. Pins are actually threaded rods that are inserted through the wall of an instrument across the crack to hold it together. In the past, this was the best option available to the service technician, but it wasn’t always successful. Not only is it a fairly visible repair, it also has the potential to inadvertently alter the sound characteristics of the instrument and worse, the crack will often reappear.

Graphite Banding: Graphite banding is a newer, far more reliable method for crack repair that produces much more stable and aesthetically pleasing results. In addition to repairing areas that have already been damaged, graphite banding can also be used to reinforce weak areas such as tenons and sockets before they crack. The banding will not open back up as is possible with pinning or CA glues and fillers and graphite banding won’t compress the bore like metal bands. When used properly, this method provides a visually elegant, permanent repair that won’t adversely affect the sound or feel of the instrument. It will provide the most effective solution to many structural problems. To learn more about this great technique, please read the detailed instructions by clicking on the item below.