Flute Tips – Gluing Partial Shims by Harold Phillips

Glue Partial Shims – always glue your partial shims in place. I use liquid shellac, flake shellac dissolved with denatured alcohol in a glass container. When glued in, the partials will not shift when you need to remove the pad for more shims. Don’t forget to mark your shimming at 12:00 on the paper to further help with consistent shim alignment.

Saxophone Tips – Removing Sax Tone Hole Burrs by Jeff Smith

After facing a saxophone tone hole you are often left with a burr edge on the rim. This burr must be eliminated in order to increase pad life. A very effective solution is to take a 2″ X 2″ piece of aluminum foil and fold this several times until it is approximately 1/4″ X 3/8″ or so. Take the foil and place it on the hole’s rim like a saddle. Work this around the hole with medium pressure. This removes the burr and polishes the top of the hole.

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