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A good leak light is essential for resolving leaks and adjustments on sax, flute, and piccolo. We offer a complete range of lights to suit all needs. There are several factors in the selection of lights: brightness, heat generated, size, and durability. 
The most economical and coolest (temperature) but also lowest light output is the rope style. This is best suited for the occasional user. 
The Russell offers a cool temperature and gentle light. This makes it comfortable to look at all day long. Russell was the first to offer a piccolo leak light and this certainly was a game changer! 
The LED lights are much brighter than the Russell which can be tiring for the eyes after prolonged use. They are more durable but not unbreakable. 
The fluorescent style made by Votaw has been the workhorse of the industry. The lamps burn the hottest but are not as bright as the LED. The lamps are easily replaced.