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We’re extremely proud and excited to introduce the Valentino E-Series clarinet pad. Made with an engineered felt, engineered backing, and a wrapped bladder skin surface, this premium pad has all of the great features that a technician could want. Because of its highly-precise dimensions and great stability, it’s easy to install, it’s very forgiving with respect to design tolerances in different model instruments, and it plays and feels phenomenal. Best of all, we’ve been able to produce an American-made pad that is superior to anything in this moderate price category. With its innovative wrapped construction and classic white styling, the E-Series blends well with other pads, making it convenient and affordable to use them where you need them.  
380 – White, Engineered Felt, .110″/2.8mm 
Masters Series:  Valentino Masters Series clarinet pads are the favorite choice of top technicians who regularly service professional instruments. With a more complex structure than our Greenback series, the Masters Series pad features a firmer and thinner top that takes a minimal impression, making it easy to achieve exemplary results with less work. The rigid backing is stepped like a beveled or “Buffet” style back, providing greater stability and allowing pads to practically float themselves. The high-tech laminated construction allows these pads to seal beautifully. The unique mechanical properties of Masters Series pads make them a pleasure to install. Their exceptional acoustic qualities make them a joy to play on, producing an ideal tone with a perfect balance between the brightness of cork and the darkness of felt.  
When ordering Masters Series pads for clarinet, order a size .5mm smaller than a felt pad. 
741 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm 
742 – White, Laminated Construction, .120″/3mm 
Greenback:  Used by leading manufacturers and technicians around the world, Valentino Greenback clarinet pads feature an advanced laminated construction that gives them tremendous stability and reliability. Suitable for student and professional models alike, these pads are incredibly long-lasting and they feel great under the fingers with a precise seal and a very light touch. Greenbacks are impervious to moisture and insects and are known to dramatically improve the tonal clarity, projection, and articulation of the instrument. Select the individual pad sizes you need or purchase an assortment of the most popular sizes. 
When ordering Greenback pads for clarinet, order a size .5mm smaller than a felt pad. 
701 – White, Laminated Construction, .080″/2mm 
702 – White, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm 
703 – White, Laminated Construction, .120″/3mm 
704 – White, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm 
Greenback Black: Developed for the Conn-Selmer Julian Bliss model clarinet, the Greenback Black clarinet pad features all of the same at tributes of the traditional Greenback.  
760 – Black, Laminated Construction, .115″/2.9mm 
Greenback Cork: With all of the same attributes of the traditional Greenback, Valentino Greenback Cork pads provide a popular alternative to natural cork pads on the upper joint of the clarinet 
761 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm 
762 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .120″/3mm 
763 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm 
Lucien Deluxe:We offer Lucien Deluxe clarinet pads that are made exclusively to our precise specifications by Pisoni of Italy. A reliable and solid performing industry standard, these pads are of premium quality, making them great for high-end professional instruments as well as artist and student instruments. Lucien Deluxe pads feature a traditional wrapped skin over firm pressed felt with a slight bevel in the backing card that makes them easy to install. 
301 – White, Pressed Felt, .120″/3mm 
307 – Yellow, Pressed Felt, .120″/3mm 
Adhesive Back: Valentino Adhesive Back pads are the world’s finest and most reliable solution for quick fixes and emergency repairs. These peel-and-stick pads are designed to be very easy to use and most importantly, they seal exceptionally well and play with the responsive feel and tonal color you expect from Valentino. The .110″/2.8mm thickness is particularly appropriate for many clarinet top joints while the .150″/3.8mm thickness can be used on bass clarinets. 
781 – White, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm 
783 – White, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm 
784 – White, Laminated Construction, .150″/3.8mm 
785 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm