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JLS “C” Hammer – All Purpose Woodwind

Our most popular woodwind hammer. The narrow face allows concentration in tight quarters. The flip side is perfectly balanced and capable of light encouragement when aligning cups, hinges, and posts.

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Hammer-Riveting 4 Oz

4 oz. riveting hammer. Use for peening springs at the post end. Lengthen keys by swaging. Reform various parts.

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Mallet – Brass & Nylon 2-1/2 Oz

Perfect size, weight, and balance for a hard dead blow to a concentrated area.

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Mallet – Plastic 3-1/2″ Head

Light-weight plastic head can be shaped and polished for applications in dent work. Good size and balance for glancing blows.

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Mallets – Rawhide

Our smallest rawhide mallet is excellent for general part alignment on brass instruments as well as key work on woodwinds.

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