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Surebonder Ultra Mini Glue Gun

Note: Our Amber Melt Glue Stick (105003) and our Hot Melt Stick – Straw Melt (105002) do not fit into this Glue Gun.

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2 Way Glue Pen – Fine Point

These glue pens are great to use for shimming.

The “2 Way” nomenclature refers to the two ways in which the glue can be used and is best represented by using paper as an example:

  1. Apply glue to a piece of paper and while the glue is still blue, stick another piece of paper to it – this will create a permanent bond.


  1. Apply glue to a piece of paper and after the glue turns transparent, stick it to another object (which could be another piece of paper) – this will create a temporary bond, like a sticky note.
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Hot Melt Stick – Straw Melt

10″ long sticks are 1/2″ in diameter. Temperature resistance: -40°F to 160°F. Good open time (float time) of 40 seconds. Will bond plastics – excellent for case repair. Operates well with hardware store variety glue guns since they run at lower temps than commercial guns.

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