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Padding makes up the vast majority of the work that most instrument repair technicians do so it’s essential that every aspect of the padding process (tools, supplies, techniques) be made as efficient and as profitable as possible. To that end, selecting an appropriate padding adhesive for the particular job at hand is nearly as important as selecting the best pad. The adhesive you choose can (and will) quickly make the work much easier or much harder (and your paycheck commensurately much larger or much smaller). The longer it’s taking the less you’re making so this is something you definitely want to get right!  

The various adhesives we offer have different melting points, open times, floating viscosities, and handling characteristics. The type of pad you choose, your particular method of padding, and your heat source will help determine which adhesive type will be most suitable for the job. For example, our most popular Amber Melt Glue offers a low-melt temperature, good open time, very low shrinkage, and is available in stick or pellet form for easy portioning. In contrast, our George’s Glue has a higher melt temperature and thicker viscosity that make it superb for cork padding but make it impractical for lacquered saxophone keys.  

In addition to sticks, we offer pellets, washers, and disks for predictable portioning.