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352-353 Series
Our Best Selling well made and consistent Valentino saxophone pad is made of woven felt with European leather. The felt has a little forgiveness allowing you to use them for everyday work on instruments with imperfect key fitting and tone holes. We’ve kept this pad affordable enough for student instruments. The reddish skin color matches perfectly with the Prestini TS275 and similar pads. Available in Thin (4.0mm / .160″) and Medium (4.5mm / .180″) 

350 Series
Beautifully crafted of the finest materials, our 350 Valentino pads feature a firm woven felt and the finest quality untreated dark brown skin. The untreated skin eliminates sticking and allows the technician to apply a favorite treatment (or not). These pads will feel very solid under the musician’s hands and will provide top quality results for professional instruments.  300 Series: Lucien Deluxe sax pads feature a flat top, firm woven felt, medium thickness and a 4mm center hole, allowing for your choice of resonator or we can supply with your choice of reso. These pads take a shallow to moderate impression. Please enter the quantity and the size in order to see the correct pricing. Prices vary depending upon diameter and there are discounts at 12 and 100. 

Pad Sizing Chart