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Servicing The Flute By JLSmith

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1-4 20
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10+ 15

This book is the companion guide to the Valentino Flute Fix Kit, and separately is an excellent introductory guide to anyone learning to service the flute. Valuable information for the novice or professional. By JLSmith.

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Servicing The Clarinet By JLSmith

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1-4 20
5-9 18
10+ 16

Newly revised and updated, Servicing The Clarinet is the essential guide for technicians and musicians wanting to know more about servicing the instrument from one of the world’s great experts.

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The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo

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1-0 40
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Covers the practical side of the flute and relates every aspect to its ultimate performance and tone. Offers an understanding of how the instrument works and what determines how well it plays. This revision includes new sections on piccolos and headjoints.

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The Flute And Flute Playing

Boehm created the modern flute in 1847. With only minor modifications, this is the flute that is used today. Boehm published an account of his research and accomplishments, a book which has come to be recognized as one of the classics of musicology.

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A Guide To Repairing Woodwinds

A great introduction to woodwind service and repair procedures. A very thorough work on woodwinds covering very simple work through complex procedures. Section on clarinet, flute, saxophone, bassoon, oboe and harmony clarinets.

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A Clarinetist’s Notebook – Vol I

Thankfully back in print! Comprehensive book covering the techniques of W. Hans Moenning.

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The Clarinet Revealed

This English translation of this French work provides a thorough discussion of the instrument. Chapters on functions of the bore, barrel, tone holes and the mouthpiece. Repairs and tool making are also covered.

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The Saxophone Is My Voice

This book explains how the instrument functions, information on mouthpieces and reeds, adjustment techniques, harmonization, padding and repairs. A must for anyone doing sax repair!

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Fundamentals Of Musical Acoustics

By Arthur H. Benade. Deals extensively with the fundamental sound production of instruments. The basis of scales and harmony and the craft of instrument makers are also discussed in this masterly text.

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Horns, Strings & Harmony

This book explores simple and complex vibrating systems and the ear’s reception of sound. It describes the fundamentals of the piano, violin, trumpet, bugle, trombone, oboe, clarinet, flute, saxophone and many others.

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