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JLS Key Pin Punch

The ultimate tool for helping to free the sometimes tricky to remove flute key knock pins.

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Flute Grommet Plate

Our ingenious Grommet Plate (French bushing) helps you restore the metal grommets on open-hole flutes. Containing holes for all grommets sizes, our plate helps restore the part to round and precise dimensions. Wish I had this tool over the last 30 years – it would have saved me tons of grief.

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JLS Flute Head Joint Cork Tool Set

This affordable tool set helps quickly and easily remove and install flute headjoint corks.

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JLS Double Handle Burnisher

Our Double Handled Burnisher is primarily for flute headjoint fitting. This can be used with our JLS Flute Head Fitting Mandrel.

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JLS Flute French Chimney Re-Sizer

This tool is designed to re-round and re-size the open hole (French) chimney in flutes.

Enlarging the chimney can be a helpful remedy when the open hole pad retainer (a.k.a. bushing or grommet) is loose at the depth of desirable insertion.

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Valentino Flute Fix Kit

Everything you need to get started servicing flutes has been assembled for you in our  Flute Fix Kit.

The core of the Valentino Flute Fix Kit is “Servicing the Flute” with J.L. “Jeff” Smith. This book is an invaluable introductory guide to anyone learning to service flutes. It includes 41 pages, 115 clear illustrations and close-up, step-by-step photographs make the text easy to follow along with.

The book includes sections on:

  • assembly and disassembly
  • dealing with pad leaks
  • replacing pads and bumpers
  • adjusting
  • lost motion and key height
  • head corks
  • oiling

See description below for all components of this kit.

Note: If shipping internationally, contact cement and liquid shellac will not be included due to shipping regulations.

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Cooper Gauge

It’s back! Out of production for many years, the Albert Cooper Embouchure Comparison Gauge is primarily used by musicians and is designed to help them determine what suits them when trying various headjoints.

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