Why should I send my instrument to J.L. Smith & Co. for repairs?

The service department represents the heart of J.L. Smith & Co. Since 1991, we have developed and maintained a reputation for providing the highest quality repairs. Our shop is equipped with three full-time technicians as well as an administrative assistant. We have unlimited access to the best pads, supplies, and tools in the business, especially since we make much of what we use in house.

At J.L. Smith & Co., we understand that the expense of proper maintenance can cause instrumentalists to put off important services or worse, take their precious instruments to “bargain” repair shops. We’ve seen far too many examples of both and we want to help prevent these situations. We work toward a long-term solution for every problem, rather than a quick fix. Our primary goal is the client’s satisfaction.

Is it safe to ship my instrument?

Yes. J.L. Smith & Co. performs repairs for clients as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Packing your instrument safely and making sure that it is insured are the keys to successful travel. If your instrument is insured through your homeowner’s policy, be sure that it is covered during transit. If not, you will need to purchase separate insurance (i.e. Clarion) or insure your instrument through a shipping company.

You may choose to use a custom, foam-lined shipping box (usually provided by the manufacturer), a box of your own choosing, or have a shipping company employee package the instrument for you. First, be sure that the instrument fits snuggly in its case. If not, add a small amount of bubble wrap to prevent movement. If you pack the instrument yourself, we suggest wrapping the entire case in at least 6 inches of bubble wrap. Fill the rest of the box with enough packing material to prevent the case from moving. Be sure that your instrument is labeled with your name, address, and contact number. We are happy to provide you with a UPS shipping label, making it easy to get your instrument on its way.

How long will it take to complete my repair?

The length of time required to complete a repair can vary depending on the extent of the service needed as well as the time of year. It is best to plan ahead and schedule an appointment during a period when you are able to be away from your instrument. Please allow yourself enough time in advance of important events. Our busiest months are June, July, August, and December. We will do our best to meet your timing needs with appropriate notice.

Call Alex in the shop at 800.822.2157 or email [email protected] to schedule your appointment. Only very minor repairs can be completed “while you wait”.