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Sax Neck/Body Straightening Plugs

Our JLS Sax Neck and Body Plugs are offered as a mandrel to fit in the neck receiver and the inside of the neck tenon.  They can be used to re-round and straighten the neck or receiver. Held in a vice, they can be used as a third hand to help manipulate a neck in order to straighten it.  Inserted in the neck receiver the plugs can be used as device to help align a bent stack tube.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Can be held in vice or freehand
  • Re-round neck receiver
  • Re-round neck tenon
  • “Third hand” leverage for neck alignment when bent

JLS Flute Head Fitting Mandrel

Flute makers usually use a burnishing method for expanding the head tenon. Our Flute Head Fitting Mandrel is used to support the head tenon and is straight at that area. It tapers the rest of the inserted portion. Fits with head cork in place.

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JLS Flute Head Mandrel-tapered 14″l

Repairman’s mandrel. Straight tapered (not parabolic). Excellent for dent removal and rounding. 14″ length, tapers from 5/8″ to 3/4″ over 10″ length.

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Jupiter Flute Head Mandrel

Specially designed and manufactured by JLSmith at the request of the Jupiter Instrument Company, these stainless steel Jupiter Headjoint Mandrels have exactly the right radius and taper to make dent repair and sizing of the Jupiter 507 headjoint ultra-efficient. These mandrels are precision-milled and beautifully finished to make it easier than ever to get spectacular results.

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JLS Flute Body Mandrel .735″ Od

Polished and ground mandrel for body straightening and dent work. 20″ length x .735″ O.D.

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JLS Flute Dent Body Bar

Lifting dents out of flutes has never been easier! Each end has a particular radius and entry angle that will provide the power needed to lift even heavy-wall nickel silver tube dents. Hold the tool in the Flute Station (with additional 5/8″ sleeve), or hold securely in a vice.

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JLS Saxophone Body Bar

Easily remove small to medium sized dents in the body tube of all saxophones. A fantastic way to remove localized dents in the saxophone body.

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JLS Saxophone Bow Bar

Our Saxophone Bow Bar is a fantastic way to remove dents from the bottom bow of all saxophones. The bar is bent to access the bow through the bell on one end and through the Eb hole on the other end.

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Tapered Mandrel – 8” x 1/8”- 1/2”

8″ long mandrel tapers from 1/2″ to 1/8″. Very useful to have in the tool box. This can be used to re-round clarinet rings, the end of French horn and trumpet tubes and so on.

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Tapered Mandrel – 9” x 3/8”-7/8”

9″ mandrel tapers from 7/8″ to 3/8″. Works well for rounding tubing ends on trumpet, trombone, and background brass. Excellent for re-rounding brasswind finger rings and such.

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