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Valentino L-Series Flute Pads

Meet our latest Valentino flute pad development!  Our L-Series was developed in conjunction with flutemaker Chris Abell for use on his world-class wooden flutes.  These are now available in two thicknesses and a full range of sizes for concert flutes.  L-Series pads are quickly becoming a favorite of many flute technicians.

All Valentino L-Series Flute Pads feature a 9.5mm center hole.

Construction Features:

  • Double yellow bladder skins
  • Proprietary synthetic core
  • Firm plastic backing with radiused edge
  • Paper underlayment with size engraved
  • Handmade in our Charlotte workshop

Musicians Experience:

  • Nearly silent deployment
  • Remarkable touch-positive yet comfortable
  • Stabile in various climates
  • Warm color sound profile
  • Great Projection
  • Wide dynamic range
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Valentino E-Series Flute Pads

All Valentino E-Series Flute Pads feature a 9.5mm center hole.

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Valentino E-Series Alto/Bass Flute Pads .120″ (3mm)

13mm – 16mm – without Center Hole

20mm – 29.5mm – with Center Hole

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Valentino Greenback Flute Pads

All Greenback Flute Pads feature a 9.0mm center hole.

Used by leading manufacturers and technicians around the world, Valentino Greenback Pads:

  • Feature an advanced laminated construction that gives them tremendous stability and reliability.
  • Dramatically improve the tonal clarity, projection, and articulation of the instrument.
  • Feel great under the fingers with a precise seal and a very light touch.
  • Are suitable for student and professional models alike.
  • Are incredibly long-lasting.
  • Are impervious to moisture and insects.

Select the individual pad sizes you need or purchase an assortment of the most popular sizes here:


Valentino Pad Assortments

112 of the most popular flute pad sizes, organized in a durable plastic case.

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