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Brass Mouthpiece Shank Dent Tool

When they’re dropped, mouthpiece shanks are easily dented, affecting performance. Restore their shape fast and easily with our JLS shank dent tool, which is designed to fit trumpet through tuba.

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JLS All Purpose Pad Slick

Used to shift and move pad for coverage while glue is molten. Also can be used to “iron” wrinkled flute or clarinet pads. Brush finished, blended edges of hardened stainless steel.

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JLS Cork And Pad Cup Scraper

JLS Cork and Pad Cup Scraper.  This Push-Pull scraper is great for scraping cork off of rounded parts such as tenons and necks.  Hardened stainless.  The small end works well to remove adhesive residue from key cup when still mounted on the instrument.

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JLS Feeler Strip Holder

The JLS Feeler Strip Holder provides for quick and easy insertion of feeler strip material (the same material used for plastic shims) with just the right tension. It features a removable cap to ensure the fragile feeler strip material does not get dirty or damaged between uses. This cap can also be inserted on the back of the handle so it doesn’t get lost.

It can be used along with our Ultra Thin Feeler Strip Pack – .0005″  or one of our thickness of Plastic Feeler Stock.

Watch this video on how JLSmith uses Feeler Strips to shim pads.



Click for PDF Instructions

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JLS Flute Fix Kit Head Cork Stick

Flute service kit head cork stick – Marked with a 17mm grooved line to check the adjustment of the head cork to its proper place.

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JLS Key Cork Scraper

JLS Key Cork Scraper as used in our Fix Kit repair kits, this triangular scraper is a great budget oriented general purpose scraper.  With plastic handle.

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JLS Mouthpiece Puller

Remove any stuck or frozen mouthpiece with ease with the Valentino mouthpiece puller. Professional quality and easy-to-follow instructions make this an indispensable tool for any band director or musician!

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JLS Spring Hook

The flat rectangular profile allows it to sit in the hand without requiring the tension that a round spring hook does. The geometry on one side is for smaller instruments (including oboe & piccolo), the other side for saxes.

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JLS Stuck Slide Service Kit

Provides great help in pulling all stuck slides on all brass instruments from trumpet to tuba. The heart of the kit are two “shoes”, which are shaped to support the slide crook while you tap on the paddle handle to loosen it.

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JLS Valve Restringing Kit

Music educators and musicians should be able to perform basic service on a rotor valve. Our Valve Restringing Kit helps you do just that, quickly and easily. Complete instructions with illustrations and photos included.

Click Here for Instructions

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JLS Waterkey Spring Tool

A great and simple tool for holding the (sometimes dangerous) ends of a waterkey spring. This installing tool helps get enough leverage to properly compress the spring to reinstall the waterkey.

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Valentino Fix Kit Rope Leak Light

Budget leak light for flutes and saxophone. Lower light level than either the Votaw or Russell styles. Long lasting, durable, and flexible.

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Valentino Knife Key Chain

Whether you need to quickly replace a tenon cork or just trim a bumper or silencer, our handy razor knife can save a performance.

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Valentino Pad Level Tool & Height Gauge

Sold individually and packaged in bulk unless otherwise specified.

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Valentino Reversible Screwdriver

The reversible screwdriver provided with our kits has a small and medium size screwdriver to fit most band room requirements.

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