Valentino USA

Valentino Offers Serious Support To Technicians

“Valentino Masters Series Pads are the most efficient way to do upscale re-pads on any intermediate or professional clarinet. The pads practically float themselves in!”
– Chuck Kessler, Kessler Music Co., Las Vegas

“We used Masters Pads for a complete re-pad of a professional clarinet, and both the customer and we are very happy with the result. Now we are using Masters on all the professional instruments and models.
– Yukari Naito-Deitch, Deitch’s Woodwind Workshop

“The new Valentino Masters Series pad has resulted in an unprecedented advancement in pad performance for both the musician and woodwind technician.
– John Weir, Taplin-Weir Inc.

“I’ve done repads and overhauls using the Masters pads, and I’ve got one word for you: AMAZING!! They practically seat themselves on the upper joint, and the seal is outstanding. I like the crispness of response they provide in the lower joint, too. Great product!!!
– Heather Karlsson, H. Karlsson Woodwinds

Master woodwind technicians like Randy Jones, Marc Jacobi, Albert Alphin, John Weir, and Larry Mueller recommend Valentino because Valentino offers major performance advantages over other pads. Customers love the improved feel and dynamic range and they appreciate that Valentino pads last longer and stay in adjustment better. Technicians love the reliability and affordable price, along with the speed, ease and accuracy of installation. They also like knowing that the Valentino support team is always just a call or a click away with any technical advice they need. No matter what style of pad or what type of woodwind, Valentino’s dimensions are extremely precise. The padding material is very consistent and completely stable so they install easily and provide better coverage without the leaks and wasted rejects of other pads. The net effect is reduced bench time, improved results, satisfied customers, happy technicians and increased profit margins.

A Variety Of Pad Styles For Diverse Applications

Quick-Fix: The perfect solution for emergency repairs, these easy to use, peel-and-stick pads seal beautifully and play with the responsive feel and tonal color you expect from Valentino. Quick Fix pads are available for every major orchestra woodwind and are included with all of our popular Valentino Fix Kits, which give band directors and musicians a way to master any emergency or DIY repair.

Greenback: Our most popular category, Valentino Greenbacks come in a variety of materials, and synthetic cork, in sizes to suit any type of woodwind including Flute, Piccolo, clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon. Long the choice of professional clarinetists, Greenbacks are the ideal option for top performance and tonal consistency in an affordable, long-lasting pad.

Masters Series: The ultimate performance pads for professional instruments, Valentino Masters are the result of decades of experience working with leading artists, technicians and manufactures to achieve a standard of perfection unmatched by any other woodwind pad. Advanced materials and cutting-edge construction offer a level of precision that makes these the favorites of technicians who service professional instruments and they provide extraordinary dynamic range and exquisite feel that are essential to the professional musician.

Prodigy: The Prodigy series offers significant savings with solid performance in an everyday band instrument pad. Innovative wrapped construction over felt provides a reliable, cost-effective solution for student flutes, clarinets and saxophones with the tonal projection and responsiveness you expect from Valentino.

Legend: The Valentino Legend is a superior performance saxophone pad that lives up to its name with exceptional feel, color and dynamic range. Designed for professionals and advanced artists, the proprietary design features kid-wrapped construction over dense felt. The natural kidskin is untreated so it won’t stick the way other, pretreated pads do, and it allows the artist to choose the exact type of surface treatment and color they desire for a truly custom feel and appearance.

Blue Back: Custom, made-to-measure pads for manufactures, the Blue Back is a unique product created specifically for manufactures whose instruments demonstrate an exceptional degree of accuracy in their key work. Designed for press fit installation on the top 13 and floated in on the bottom 4, the Blue Back plays like the greenback but with the advantage of highly efficient installation for mass production applications.