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valentino high e facilitators delrinvalentino high e facilitators delrin

Valentino High E Facilitators – Delrin


SKU: 168009M


E Facilitator (a.k.a. “donut” or poor man’s split-E) is an option that may help tame the high E on the flute. This note can be problematic, as it tends to respond stubbornly and sound stuffy and out of tune. Our easy-to-install, pre-made high-E facilitators can be glued into the lower G tone hole with 5-minute epoxy. Available in white delrin and aluminum. Most flutists prefer aluminum because of its similar color to silver.

Step 1: Measure the inner diameter of the lower G tone hole to select the correct size high-E facilitator. The diameter of the facilitator should fit the hole securely as possible without being tight.

Step 2: Insert your flute body mandrel into the bore of the instrument. Please ensure that the mandrel is clean and polished, and wipe the bore first. We don’t want to create any scratches.

Step 3: Wearing your gloves, mix up some 5-minute epoxy and apply a small amount to the edge of the high-E facilitator. Use a toothpick for this (in our next catalog- to be sure!).

Step 4: Set the high-E facilitator into the tone hole (make sure it’s the correct hole). Make sure that the saddle-shaped side is fitting down on the mandrel and that the facilitator as a whole sits below the edge of the tone hole. The mandrel serves as an alignment tool and as a stop when inserting the high-E facilitator.

Step 5: Clean up any excess glue residue quickly before it sets. After a minute, pull the mandrel out. Let the glue set up for half an hour then reassemble the instrument. Remember to take the keys off the flute before shoving the high-E facilitator in.

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