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Valentino Clarinet Fix Kit

Note: This item cannot be shipped international.

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Drill Rod Assortment

1 each of our 17 most popular sizes. 36″ rods are shipped as 2 x 18″ pieces, unless specified. Additional shipping charges may be incurred to ship in 36″ length.

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EP Stainless Round Spring Assortment

Our Valentino Enhanced Premium Stainless Steel Round Spring assortment includes one dozen each of 13 sizes (.016″ through .051″) conveniently and securely housed in our plastic vials and plastic base block.

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Felt Washer Black 3/4od X 13/32id X 1/8

Quantity Price
1-11 0.49
12-99 0.25
100-999 0.22
1000+ 0.19
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French Horn Stick Cork

$1.50$1.65 Select options

Grenadilla Stick-Board Foot

Current stock is sold in 9″ pieces.

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Jeweler’s Saw Frame 2-3/4″ Deep Adj

2-3/4″ Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame is a wonderful tool. The handle is large, soft, and balanced in the hand. The frame is easily adjustable and the blades mount effortlessly.

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JLS Flute Leak Isolator

This simple-to-use tool will quickly help you locate all types of leaks in every model flute. The tool will isolate the flute at different points along its length, and it will also isolate each pad individually. Use with our MAG Machine®.

236056 Flute Leak Isolator Instructions

Click Above for PDF

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