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Removing lime and calcium deposits is an essential part of any regular service regime and one that greatly reduces the likelihood of characteristic pinholes and leaks caused by corrosion. Thorough mechanical cleaning of the interior surfaces of wind instruments is critical to the proper restoration of the instrument bore. It goes without saying that a clean, well-cared for instrument will play better and hold its value longer. It’s a job we do every day and one that we’ve developed a variety of cleaning supplies and tools for that make the job easier and faster with better results on all manner of instruments and materials. 
A clean instrument is a happy instrument and a customer who gets his or her instrument back freshly detailed and playing great is a happy customer. At J.L. Smith, we know that a quality presentation is important and clients appreciate the extra attention to detail when their instrument is returned playing great and look its very best. Our wide selection of instrument detailing products represent the finest available from among the hundreds that we’ve exhaustively tested and approved in our on shop. These are the products that really do what they say. They will help you achieve superior results with less time and effort. We also offer a full complement of high-quality buffing supplies.