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Post And Hinge Cutter Set

Works great for gently facing hinge keys and posts, particularly on saxophones.

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JLS Adjusting Screw Insert Jig

The JLS Adjusting Screw Insert Jig is a great tool for eliminating the need for silencers underneath adjusting screws on a Clarinet or Oboe.

This tool allows a hole to be easily cut in the end of an adjusting screw so that a nylon/teflon insert can then be glued in.

Click Here for Instructions

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JLS Adjusting Screw Insert Jig – Replacement Drill

This is the replacement #60 drill bit (.040″/1.02mm diameter) for 201036 JLS Adjusting Screw Insert Jig.

Made out of precision ground high carbon steel.

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Broach – Set X 12 – Round 30/70

Set of 12 rounding broaches (burnishers, really) covering drill sizes 30-70. Use for rounding tubing, holes, etc. Great for re-rounding the end of hinge tubing that has been dropped and damaged, or over swedged.

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Broach-Cutting Set of 6 43/72

Use to open pin holes, spring holes, etc. Contains six assorted sizes from stubs 43-72.

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Flute Pad Iron

Used to iron the wrinkles from the pad skin. Slightly moisten the pad skin. Warm the iron and move on pad skin. Do not over heat the iron to sizzle the water as this will shrink the pad skin.

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Key Puck

A great forgiving surface to support parts when straightening, filing, and drilling.

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Pad Tucking Tool

One sharp point for lifting and one spoon shape for tucking at pad edge. Polished steel.

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Pearl Flute Allen Wrench

This specially designed Allen wrench tool is designed specifically for servicing the proprietary pinless key system on Pearl flutes. It’s entirely impossible to service these instruments properly without this tool in your kit and finding one used to be difficult at best. Add one of these wrenches to your kit and stop struggling with Pearl key pins.

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