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96/4 Lead Free Solder – Tin And Silver; Dia .0620″; 6′ 5.5″

.0620″ Tin and Silver 6′ 5.5″ piece (1 oz.)

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Acetylene Torch Kit

The standard of the instrument repair business.  No oxygen tank required-just acetylene. Special tip design gives the right mixture of atmospheric air and fuel gas. Perfect for padding and soldering.  

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Asbestos-Free Soldering Board (6″ X 12″)

6″ x 12″ (15.2cm x 30.5cm)

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Flux-Pen 1/3 Oz.

A convenient way to apply an even quality flux to parts without spillage and needle point corrosion. Water-soluble.

* This item cannot be shipped air. *

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Hard Solder Batterns Flux – 3 Oz

Batterns flux is a self-pickling flux that can be used in place of paste fluxes.

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Heat Shield Protective Blanket

Made of Silquar, a unique ceramic material that forms a protective blanket around any stone or jewel while adjacent metal parts are being soldered or heated.

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Heat Shield Protective Paste Water Wash

Prevents oxidation and is odorless and non-toxic. Good for dozens of applications. Washes off with water.

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Little Torch Kit Complete W/regulators

Used by many instrument makers for fine soldering on key work. This torch will give you ultimate control when silver soldering.

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Little Torch Magnetic Holder

Versatile, magnetic, third-hand holder keeps your torch nearby on your bench. Use it right on the stand when you need both hands free. Heavy metal base keeps the holder safely in place and has seven holes for extra tip storage.

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Replacement Arm

Replacement Arm for Third Hand Soldering Jig.

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Replacement Tips for 260019, 260020, 260021

Replacement tips for items 260019 and 260020.

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Silver Solder Easy .020″

wire diameter: .020″ (.51mm), melting point: 1240°F (671°C), flow temp: 1325°F (718°C), 1 troy oz. (31.1g), approximately 56′ (17m)

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