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Greenback: Used by leading manufacturers and technicians around the world, Valentino Greenback pads feature an advanced laminated construction that gives them tremendous stability and reliability. Suitable for student and professional models alike, these pads are incredibly long-lasting and they feel great under the fingers with a precise seal and a very light touch. They also improve the tonal clarity, projection, and articulation of the instrument.

704 – White, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm

Greenback Cork: With all of the same attributes of the traditional Greenback, Valentino Greenback Cork pads provide a popular alternative on the wing joint of the bassoon. 761 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm
762 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .120″/3mm
763 – Tan/Cork, Laminated Construction, .130″/3.3mm

Lucien Deluxe: We offer Lucien Deluxe bassoon pads that are made exclusively to our precise specifications by Pisoni of Italy. A reliable and solid performing industry standard, these pads are of premium quality, making them great for high-end professional instruments as well as artist and student instruments. Lucien Deluxe pads feature wrapped leather over firm woven felt with a slight bevel in the backing card that makes them easy to install. 310 – White Leather, Woven Felt, .150″/3.8mm

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