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This tubing is exceptional for octave key pins, connecting pins, etc. It has an excellent grip on the inside and superior slip on the outside. Attractive, quiet and economical. For a tight fit, try this: put a small drop of silicone adhesive in the end of the tubing. Slides onto key part effortlessly. Trim tubing to length after installation.

This transparent heat shrink tubing, when applied to key parts, increases the viscosity – which in turn eliminates friction and key binding. It is extremely versatile (shrink ratio of 2 to 1) and has many uses in the instrument repair shop. Try these suggested applications:

We’ve all tried fish skin, Teflon tape, and numerous other materials to quiet the action. Try this: Drill out the F#/C# and E/B keys with a #43 (or close to – varies from brand to brand) – then shrink the smallest size tubing over the key pins to quiet and quicken the action. Works great on noisy student-line bass clarinets!

Use on bridge keys – whisper and pancake. Also works nice over 1⁄64″ cork for fast action.

SAXES: Some of the many places we have tried with good success include: Side levers – Round nub on G# & C# levers – Octave mechanisms – Great on older style Selmers. Hint: Use the tightest fit possible. The more you shrink this tubing, the thicker it becomes. In some situations, you may find it beneficial to “open up” the tubing before installing. Sold in 3 ft. lengths. Size is i.d. before shrinking.

Now available in five sizes. With each of these sizes in your inventory, you should be able to fit neoprene to just about any size rotor stop – from French horn to tuba. Hint: To fit properly, choose a larger size than will fit easily in the rotor stop – stretch neoprene cord until it just pops into your stop plate – then let cord expand to a tight fit – trim top and bottom. Neoprene Cord is sold in 3 ft. lengths.

Use as you would neoprene. 50 durometer silicone is a softer material than our neoprene. Translucent white color. Sold in 3′ lengths.

Use as you would neoprene. 50 durometer silicone is a softer material than our neoprene. Sold in 3′ lengths.