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Altieri Clarinet Travelers

Traveler – can be used as backpack with concealable straps

$168.50$178.50 Select options

Altieri Clarinet Case and Laptop Backpacks

Backpack – classic backpack holds cases, music folio, and text books. Has laptop sleeve and generous room for accessories.

$228.50$248.50 Select options

Altieri Clarinet Double Pockets

Double Pocket – two side pockets, one on each side, room for music folio, shoulder straps.

$138.50$158.50 Select options

Altieri Clarinet Case Covers

Casecover – a snug fit for your case with outside zipper pocket.

$128.50 Select options

Altieri Bass Clarinet Gigbags

Gigbags – Hold a Bass Clarinet without a case for easier travel with less weight.

$348.50$368.50 Select options