Instruments, Supplies, Parts, & Service from J.L. Smith & Co.

Flutes of all makes and models have exploded in the years we’ve been selling flutes. The number of brands and models seems endless.

This is largely the result of burgeoning Asian manufacturers and improvements in quality that has brought acceptance of their flutes in our market.

The significant manufacturing capacity from overseas has fostered the growth of many “house” brands and other “stenciled” brands, making it easy for new models to emerge seemingly overnight. For consumers this can be overwhelming.

While this huge array of models is available to us, we continually explore, review, and assess the offerings, but have a disciplined approach to what we sell.


In 1991, I started the company as a one-person band instrument repair shop. Our first location didn’t even have a rest room. It was “quaint” as they say. At that point, I had had plenty of experience in the business of repair, so I wanted to leverage what I knew. So, I started selling a modest selection of supplies to the repair trade (originally under the Performance Music Products banner).

Over the years, the business has grown into a major supplier to the trade, serving technicians and instrument makers around the globe. Today, the J.L Smith Company is 18 great people who work hard to serve our customers.

The Music Starts

In 1995 we began to offer high quality wind instruments to our customers in the underserved Southeast. This was a natural business extension, building on our reputation for excellent repair work. The business grew to become a major national specialty house, a position we continue to occupy. This is our only retail endeavor. The air is thin up here so don’t get any ideas.

Then Came Valentino

In 2004, we bought Valentino. I had been a fan of Pete Valentino’s products for quite a long time. I had used Greenback pads with great success in my own repair work, and my company had been a key Valentino distributor. There are several areas of focus in the Valentino synthetic line: items for quick and easy repair by band directors, musicians “fix kits”, professional technician’s pads and supplies, and instrument manufacturer’s pads, components, and supplies. While the Valentino brand is synonymous with synthetic pads, cork products, and repair kits, we have expanded the brand range to include most all of the supply items that we build in house. So today you will see felt pads, springs, lubricants and such under the Valentino name. Tools that we make are branded with the J.L. Smith name (or JLS).

Try the instrument!

It doesn’t matter how pretty the picture is if it doesn’t feel good, play easily, and sound great. After all of your homework, you must play it. Choose a retailer with a liberal return policy or a convenient trial program. If it is not convenient to visit our shop, please call to arrange a trial. As you try our instruments, keep in mind that each one has its own personality. This is true even of the same model! If at all possible, buy the exact one that you try.