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E-Series:We’re extremely proud and excited to introduce the Valentino E-Series flute pad. Made with an engineered felt, engineered backing, and a wrapped bladder skin surface, this premium pad has all of the great features a technician could want. Because of its highly-precise dimensions and great stability, it is easy to install, it reacts well to shimming, and it’s very forgiving with respect to design tolerances in different model instruments. It also plays and feels phenomenal. Best of all, we’ve been able to produce an American-made pad that is superior to anything in this moderate price category. With its innovative wrapped construction and classic yellow styling, the E-series blends well with other pads, making it convenient and affordable to use them where you need them. 

Click here to watch woodwind technician, Jim Weiss, interview Jeff Smith on the performance and stability of these great pads. 

387 – Yellow, Engineered Felt, .085″/2.2mm 
385 – Yellow, Engineered Felt, .105″/2.8mm 
388 – Yellow, Engineered Felt, French Open Hole, .085″/2.2mm 
386 – Yellow, Engineered Felt, French Open Hole, .105″/2.8mm 
Greenback:Used by leading manufacturers and technicians around the world, Valentino Greenback flute pads feature an advanced laminated construction that gives them tremendous stability and reliability. Suitable for student and professional models alike, Greenbacks are impervious to moisture, incredibly long-lasting, and they feel great under the fingers with a precise seal and a very light touch. They also improve the tonal clarity, projection, and articulation of the instrument. Select the individual pad sizes you need or purchase an assortment of the most popular sizes.  
721 – White, Laminated Construction, .065″/1.65mm (Flutes With Stabilizers) 
722 – White, Laminated Construction, .080″/2mm (Thin Cup Flutes/Flutes With Stabilizers/Can Be Floated In) 
723 – White, Laminated Construction, .110″/2.8mm (Standard Cup Flutes/Flutes Needing More Exposure) 
Lucien Deluxe:  We offer Lucien Deluxe flute pads that are made exclusively to our precise specifications by Pisoni of Italy. A reliable and solid performing industry standard, these pads are of premium quality, making them great for high-end professional instruments as well as artist and advanced student flutes. Lucien Deluxe pads feature a traditional wrapped skin over either dense woven felt of firmer pressed felt.  
302 – White, Woven Felt, .110″/2.8mm 
303 – Yellow, Woven Felt, .110″/2.8mm 
304 – White, Woven Felt, French Open Hole, .110″/2.8mm 
308 – Yellow, Woven Felt, .120″/2.5mm (Alto/Bass Flute Without Center Hole) 
309 – Yellow, Woven Felt, .120″/2.5mm (Alto/Bass Flute With Center Hole) 
311 – Yellow, Woven Felt, French Open Hole, .110″/2.8mm 
312 – Yellow, Pressed Felt, .080″/2mm 
313 – Yellow Pressed Felt, French Open Hole, .080″/2mm

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