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JLS Hammers should be on the bench of every technician.

  • Hammers “A” and “B” are designed for dent removal. Hammer “C” is an all-purpose woodwind bench hammer for key and post straightening. “E” and “F” are variations on the “C” style.
  • There are many advantages over the traditional dent hammer that most shops use including:
  • Virtually eliminates hammer marks!
  • Hammer faces fabricated from a material that is more dense than Teflon™ and with a higher lubricity.
  • Eliminates the need for adding Teflon™ or other materials to the face of your steel hammers.
  • Face curvature allows access to the bell flair all the way to the rim.
  • No scratches when rubbing out those dents next to the bell rim.
  • Handle has built-in flex to eliminate damage caused by using too much force.
  • Unbelievable on trombone slide tubes!
  • Works great on casing dents – we would never advise this with a steel hammer.
  • Great for dent work on silver!