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18 Compartment Plastic Storage Box

7″ x 11″

Dividers are fixed.

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JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat

Similar to the Q Felt Bench Pad that we used to make, our JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat is made of an incredibly soft, yet dense material.

This mat has laser-cut edges and a laser-engraved JLS logo.

Dimensions: 350mm x 600mm (13.8″ x 23.6″)

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JLS Silicone Work Mat

Our JLS Silicone Work Mat is an excellent and versatile mat for soldering, glue-up, and general bench work.

The silicone is heat resistant and isn’t damaged by splashed solder.  Our Work Mat is easy to wipe clean and has a surface tension that holds an instrument securely.

As a bonus, dried adhesives (hot-melt, epoxy, CA) are easily removed with a fingernail.

Measures approximately 20″ x 23″.

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Adjustable Bin Parts Storage Cabinet

The cabinet contains 5 translucent part boxes which pull on drawer slides, and can be removed for remote work. Each box contains adjustable dividers that can be moved at 1/16″ increments.

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Denim Apron

Practical, stylish, and affordable our comfortable denim apron is a popular choice for technicians of all dimensions!

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Imprinted Musical Instrument Repair Tag 3 Part/500

Quantity Price
1-1 147.5
2-3 113.26
4+ 97.46

3-part NCR numbered tag by Walking Bird imprinted with your supplied company information. 5 lines available. Sold in quantities of 500.

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Leather Apron

This classically styled shop apron is ideal for musical instrument technicians: durable and supple top grain leather protects your clothing and your body from grime, dust, sharp objects (sometimes sharp flying objects!) and heat. Two generous tool pockets at waist level and a smaller third chest pocket for pens, etc., are all well placed and top stitched for extreme durability.

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Magnetic Tool Holder 12″

Permanent magnets hold pliers, screwdrivers and miscellaneous tools in place. Mount on any surface that will accept screws.

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Musical Instrument Repair Tag 3 Part (250)

3-part NCR numbered tag by Walking Bird includes card stock claim check with all the fields you need to track and tally services on band, orchestral, and fretted instruments. 4 1/4″ x 9″, 250 tags per package.

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Plastic Tube 2-1/8″ x 5/16″ Plug

Quantity Price
1-11 0.5
12-99 0.42
100+ 0.36

Perfect for storing small parts for inventory during PCs or overhauls, and much more! Easy to label and open.

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Small Parts Block With 15 Vials

Quantity Price
1+ 43.5
1+ 43.5

Removable, plastic, screw-top vials are an excellent way to organize small parts such as pivot screws, rods, and springs. Heavy base. 15 vials.

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Storage Vials – 57.5mm X16mm

Perfect for storing small parts in inventory, during overhauls or PCs, etc! Secure screw top that’s easy to label and you won’t lose any important parts.

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Tool Trough

The JL Smith Tool Trough is intended to be filled with whole coffee beans in order to support tools in an upright position, allowing for easy storage and retrieval. 

The Tool Trough can be used in both bench-top and wall-hanging configurations. 

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White Plastic Pliers Rack – 5″ x 5.5″ x 9″

Organizing the many pliers used in instrument repair is always an issue. Get organized now with this tool rack.

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An organized shop is a sign of care and professionalism. Proper organization can save countless hours every year, which equates to more opportunity, greater capacity, faster turn-around, and improved quality.

A well laid out, well lit, and organized shop feels better to work in, leading to increased productivity and higher quality output. Your clients will also have greater trust in your work when they see a clean organized shop. If you’ve got it, show it! 

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