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Surebonder Ultra Mini Glue Gun

Note: Our Amber Melt Glue Stick (105003) and our Hot Melt Stick – Straw Melt (105002) do not fit into this Glue Gun.

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2 Way Glue Pen – Fine Point

These glue pens are great to use for shimming.

The “2 Way” nomenclature refers to the two ways in which the glue can be used and is best represented by using paper as an example:

  1. Apply glue to a piece of paper and while the glue is still blue, stick another piece of paper to it – this will create a permanent bond.


  1. Apply glue to a piece of paper and after the glue turns transparent, stick it to another object (which could be another piece of paper) – this will create a temporary bond, like a sticky note.
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Hot Melt Stick – Straw Melt

10″ long sticks are 1/2″ in diameter. Temperature resistance: -40°F to 160°F. Good open time (float time) of 40 seconds. Will bond plastics – excellent for case repair. Operates well with hardware store variety glue guns since they run at lower temps than commercial guns.

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Insta-cure Cyanoacrylate 1 Oz.

Perfect for wicking into wood dust when filling voids and cracks.

Maxi-cure Thick Cyanoacrylate 1 Oz.

Maxi-Cure Thick is the best CA for most plastics.

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Plastic Weld Kit

Used for repairing broken ABS plastic instruments.

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Quick-Cure 5 Minute Epoxy 4.5 Oz.

Quick-Cure 5 Minute Epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency.

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Slow-cure 30 Minute Epoxy 4.5 Oz.

Slow-Cure 30 Minute Epoxy has the highest strength of our epoxies.

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Thick Super Gel Glue – 20 Grams

Many techs now use CA gel glues to apply key corks.

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Threadlocker IC-LOC™ Blue

Threadlocker IC-LOC™ Blue is a medium thickness, medium strength threadlock that is applied to the threads of fasteners before assembly. Excellent for securing nyloc style pivot screws as well as adjusting screws.

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Valentino Adhesive Remover

This citrus-based solvent is excellent for removing adhesive residue left behind when replacing joint corks. Also great for use as a cork cleaner.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of adhesives! Whether you’re replacing pads, felts, corks, adjustment materials or stabilizers, repairing cases, or filling cracks in wood or plastic, specifically formulated adhesives are critical to achieving professional results. We do extensive testing on all manner of adhesives (old and new) in our workshop and we only sell the products that meet or exceed our own professional demands. If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it. We offer a wide selection of the highest-quality products available to suit all applications, techniques, and working styles.

Once upon a time, instrument repair artisans were limited to shellacs and a few animal based adhesives for everything that required bonding. Today’s modern technician is faced with exactly the opposite situation: an overwhelming (and often confusing) wealth of high quality adhesives with a wide variety of very specific characteristics and applications. What remains the same between then and now is that no matter how great the master, the repair is only ever as reliable as the adhesives that are employed.

That’s why we go to such great lengths to seek out and exhaustively test all manner of adhesives and why we only offer the very best of them to our customers. Whether it’s Barge Cement, Duall, Duco, Threadlocker or any other, the cements we offer are strictly professional grade and not to be confused or compared with products from the same brands offered at ordinary hardware stores.