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Votaw Incandescent Bulb w/ Cord And Plug

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1+ 14
1+ 14

The miniature bulb itself is 7⁄16″ long with a 3⁄16″ diameter and provides a bright light for its size. Works well for brass repair – inspecting valve casings, mouthpipes, etc.

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Votaw Leak Light System Fluorescent/Incandescent

This model also works in alto and tenor saxophones, alto and bass clarinets, bassoons, and flutes. A miniature lamp allows the unit to work for the soprano clarinet, piccolo, and oboe.

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Votaw Micro Incandescent Upgrade Kit

Micro Incandescent Upgrade Kit

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Votaw Mini Incandescent Lamp-plug In

Mini Incandescent Lamp Plug-in.

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Votaw Plug Adapter

Converts older style Votaw fluorescent lamp sockets to the new style.

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