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JLS Bench Peg – Onyx

This tool features the same dimensions as the 201006 JLS Bench Peg – Delrin that we used to make, but is made out of a different material – onyx.

Onyx allows this product to be stronger, more durable and more slip-resistant than the Delrin version.

The JLS Bench Peg can be used in a variety of ways

  • as a support for clarinets when sanding cork on a tenon
  • as an anchor for tarnish ragging cloth to polish keys
  • as a dead center on a lathe

To Mount: Drill a 3/8” hole into the face of your workbench.

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JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat

Similar to the Q Felt Bench Pad that we used to make, our JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat is made of an incredibly soft, yet dense material.

This mat has laser-cut edges and a laser-engraved JLS logo.

Dimensions: 350mm x 600mm (13.8″ x 23.6″)

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JLS Key Trapeze

Straightening hinge tubes can be an awkward process and a difficult one without proper support, so we’ve made the JLS Key Trapeze.

It’s the third hand support of hinge tube repair – designed to hold and help straighten flute, clarinet and saxophone hinge tubes.

The 3D printed arms slide along a stainless steel rod and can be taken off, then flipped around, so that the step of the arm is facing inwards or outwards.

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Alcohol Lamp-glass 3 Oz

Flame can be adjusted by raising or lowering split sleeve. Measures 2.58″ (65.5mm) in diameter and holds 3 oz. of fuel.

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Alcohol Replacement Wicks

1/4″ Diameter

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Bench Block – Square

Bench blocks are used as anvils for spring peening and as a base for sax pad installing. Use as a standard for rod and cup straightening, etc.

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Bench Filing Block

Provides a 3/4″ (83mm) extension of the work bench. Consists of rubber block, iron frame, and chilled steel anvil. Used mainly for a softer surface when filing on a key, brace, or something else that needs support.

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Centering Point For Punch #245012

Replacement center for #245012 Centering Punch.

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Centering Punch

Non automatic. Must be tapped with riveting hammer (like our #230007 )

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Centering Punch – Automatic

Adjust for light or heavy strokes. Pushing down on the tool activates the striking mechanism.


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Clamp – Ring And Key

Hold small parts securely and protect fingers with the leather-lined jaws of this clamp. Rounded at one end, flat on the other.

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Dusting Brush – Wood Handle

Soft sable brush will not damage even the most fragile finish.

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Engravers Pegclamp

Holds keys for engraving, sanding, and filing.

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Fluid Dispenser Pump

Just pump the lid and the fluid of your choice is dispensed into the well of the lid, allowing you to dip a swab for application.

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Jeweler’s Saw Frame 2-3/4″ Deep Adjustable

2-3/4″ Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame is a wonderful tool. The handle is large, soft, and balanced in the hand. The frame is easily adjustable and the blades mount effortlessly.

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JLS Bench Peg – Stainless Steel

201007 Drill a 3/8″ hole in the face of your workbench to mount the bench peg. Mounted in lathe chuck, it will hold thick wall joints for turning.

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JLS Bench Peg-delrin

Drill a 3/8″ hole in the face of your workbench to mount the bench peg. We do not recommend the Delrin bench peg for lathe work.

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Knipex Mini Hacksaw

Great all-around bench saw.

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Knipex Precision Tweezer

High quality tweezer. Great for managing flute shims, instrument felts, and corks.

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Lead Block 3-1/4 X 3-1/4

Measures 3-1/4 X 3-1/4″ square. Great for dapping patches. Use for removing pins from posts. Use to hold parts for operations by tapping the part into the lead.


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