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JLS Flute Bench Peg

When mounted to a bench, or the JLS Flute Station, this non-marring plastic peg provides a third hand when performing operations on the body, foot, or headjoint of the flute.

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JLS Flute Station Post Raising Wrench

The J.L. Smith 227056 Post Raising Wrench used with the 227050 Flute Station Tonehole Rod will raise pushed in posts and ribs effortlessly and exactingly.  The instrument body is placed over the rod.  You then insert the largest ball from the set into the pocket at the end of the rod.  The wrench is threaded into the rod through the bore of the body.  Center the low point of the post or rib over the ball and begin to turn the wrench with light pressure.  Once there is resistance the ball is beginning to apply pressure.  Watch for progress as you gently take a quarter turn at a time.

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