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What is MDRS?

Dent repair is often a costly and time consuming challenge. The Magnetic Dent Removal System (MDRS) was developed by technicians Eric Satterlee and Wayne Tanabe to make this difficult task easier and faster by using Rare Earth magents to assist with the repair.

Magnetic dent removal system

When brass is manipulated, it becomes more brittle and susceptible to cracking and further injury. This is due to the stretching of the materials during the repair. Magnetic dent removal is a safer alternative that alleviates much of this distress. This process involves a steel ball being rolled inside the dented area of the instrument. The Rare Earth magnets are encased in a patented handle assembly that is used on the outside of the instrument. The magnetic end of the handle assembly is placed on the outisde of the dented area to grab the steel ball inside. The dented brass is now sandwiched between the steel ball and the magnet. Using a back and forth motion, the magnet will pull the steel ball through the body of the instrument, thus removing the dent safely and quickly. A Mylar disc and spray wax are the only substances you need to have between the MDRS disc and the surface of the instrument to prevent scratching. The MDRS is especially helpful when repairing hard to reach dents that normally would require extensive time disassembling and reassembling the instrument.

The MDRS uses one of the strongest Rare Earth magnets currently available, the N52. The powerful magnets are completely encapsulated in the MDRS handle assembly with “Armor-Plate” end discs. Armor-Plate Tech-Metal end discs are 1-2” thick and are impervious to cracking, chipping, scratching, etc. and possess a superior lubricity characteristic.

MDRS radius axial tool

The MDRS uses a variety of sizes of both solid and hollow steel balls to allow flexibility in repair work. This arrange of sizes allows the technician the ability to adapt the size ball to fit different hard to reach areas of the instrument. The hollow balls are lighter and require less physical effort than the solid versions.


There are also several attachments available for use with the MDRS. Mag Shields allow you to change the material on the end of each tool to protect the magnet face while retaining all of the original strength to remove dents. The magnetic amplification bar extension allows you to increase the strength of each tool and makes heavy dent removal work easier with the use of N50 magnets.

  • Magnetic dent removal system
  • Another useful attachment is the Skyhook with Radius Axial Attachment. This helpful item mounts in any vise or into the base of a Ferree’s Dent Machine or stand.
  • Skyhook rotates 360 degree
  • The Skyhook rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to work with both hands free to direct your work using your upper body and weight strength to remove dents.
  • Variety of ball sets
  • A variety of ball sets and sizes are available to allow for the perfect fit.
  • Mylar discs
  • Mylar discs are available to protect your instrument further.