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Filled Natural Sheet Cork 4″ X 12″

Our gorgeous all-natural press-filled cork is not synthetic cork. It is top grade natural cork that has had the pores filled with cork dust and a special binder. This fills any of the natural voids in the cork leaving a beautiful smooth surface. An added benefit is that the cork bends easily.

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Sheet Cork Assortment

A great way to get started with a stock of sheet cork. One each of 1/64″, 1/32″, and 3/32″ (2″ x 4″ sheet) and one each of 1/16″ and 3/64″ (4″ x 4″ sheet).

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Strips .5 Oz.

As opposed to the “shive cut” sheet cork, cross-grain cork is sliced with the grain (pores). Cross-grain cork makes the finest looking feet corks, and is preferred by some technicians that like to cut their own cork pads.

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Tech Cork Sheet 125mm X 100mm

Tech cork is a high-quality rubberized composite cork formulated to be more resistant with a higher recuperation rate after compression.

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For all your corking needs we offer a complete variety of cork types, including press-filled cork, tech cork, cross-grain cork strips, and composition cork. We also offer an efficient and economical Sheet Cork Assortment with a full range of cork types in various thicknesses.