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Flute Tone Holes

Left Hand – 13.5mm ID x 1mm Wall

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Hard Rubber Clarinet Tone Hole Inserts

Clarinet Tone Hole Inserts are great for repairing cracks that run through the tone hole of a clarinet. They are made out of hard rubber.

Use an end mill to create a flat surface for the Clarinet Tone Hole Insert. Then use epoxy to secure it.

If using a mill, you should use an end mill that’s the same diameter as the tone hole.

If using a drill press, you may lose about .010” accuracy, so you may need to get an even smaller end mill.

Both Clarinet Tone Hole Inserts have a .436″ O.D.

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Clarinet Tenon Sleeve – Hard Rubber

This part is intended to fit over a clarinet’s center or barrel tenon joint (after the tenon joint has been turned down on a lathe).

It can be adhered to the tenon joint with epoxy.

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