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Head Corks

For flute head joint corks, alto/bass and piccolo head corks.

For more information, read our quick article on Head Corks.

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Pre-Shaped Trill and Eb Flute Key Corks

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Trill and Eb (D#) Cork Material

The Eb (D#) E-flat and D-sharp Cork Material is unbleached.

The Trill Cork Material is bleached, but the bleached part is a very thin layer that will easily sand away.  View our product gallery to see a cutaway image.

There is no functional difference other than dimensionally. Corks can be cut with a razor blade to be shaped and sanded, filed and/or compressed with pliers to fit.

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Cork Wedge

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Cork Wedges are excellent for holding keys closed when in transit or storage. Works equally well when isolating mechanism during adjustment.

3/4″ x 1/4″ x 3/16″

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