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Jim Schmidt offers an innovative alternative with his Gold Plated and Black Gold flute pads. He has replaced the skin of traditional pads with a gold-infused film. In his view, bladderskin deadens the tone by absorbing some of the sound. Because of the reflective properties of gold, Jim says that his pads will help to create a focused, well-centered tone that is rich, resonant, and warm. 

The Black Gold Pads feature a gold-infused film with a black dry lubricant embedded in the surface to help prevent sticking. This dry lubricant is said to darken the sound color when using the JS Black Gold Pads. 

The Pure Gold Pads are similar to the Black Gold Pads except they have an additional thin layer of pure gold added to the surface. Many people say that the Pure Gold Sax Pads have the best sound they have ever heard.