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JLS Flute Leak Isolator

This simple-to-use tool will quickly help you locate all types of leaks in every model flute. The tool will isolate the flute at different points along its length, and it will also isolate each pad individually. Use with our MAG Machine®.

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Plastic Feeler Stock

Our color-coded Plastic Feeler Stock provides an excellent way to “read” for flute shim thicknesses. They feature the same material and color as our plastic flute shims.

.0005″ Plastic Feeler Stock comes in (1) 5″ x 4″ sheet.

All other Plastic Feeler Stock comes in (4) 1″ x 4″ strips.

Ultra Thin Feeler Strip Pack – .0005″ Thickness

Our Ultra-Thin Feeler Strips are static and tear resistant. They come in a pack of approximately 25 strips.

Each strip is big enough for four typical size feelers. They can be cut to your preferred width and length with a razor blade against a cutting board or block.

For more thicknesses check out our Plastic Feeler Stock.

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JLS Feeler Strip Holder

The JLS Feeler Strip Holder provides for quick and easy insertion of feeler strip material (the same material used for plastic shims) with just the right tension. It features a removable cap to ensure the fragile feeler strip material does not get dirty or damaged between uses. This cap can also be inserted on the back of the handle so it doesn’t get lost.

It can be used along with our Ultra Thin Feeler Strip Pack – .0005″  or one of our thickness of Plastic Feeler Stock.

Watch this video on how JLSmith uses Feeler Strips to shim pads.



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We pioneered the use of isolators to help you discover and resolve all leaks. This helps you take instruments to the next level of performance beyond where feelers and lights alone will get you.

We also are the source for quality “light touch” feeler holders and feeler materials and feeler stock.