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The Mag Machine

The “MAG” Machine® is the most accurate and reliable leak testing machine in the world, designed to reveal leaks in woodwind and brasswind instruments that cannot be found with other methods such as leak lights and feelers.

In addition, the MAG shows the precise degree of leakage in increments on the dial gauge.

The J.L. Smith MAG Machine® reveals even minute leaks (yes, these do affect performance!). The MAG is so effective it even shows the minor leakage of fingerprints on clarinet holes and French flute holes. Once the machine is calibrated, a perfect seal will read 0 on the meter. Therefore a “perfect job” will read 0 with light (first touch) pressure on the keys.


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Mag Machine Digital

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JLS Mag Machine Plug/Hose Connector

The Machine Plug and Hose connector connects the soft hose to a testing plug (bung). The small barbed end secures into the soft hose (236046), the large barb inserts into neoprene plugs with center hole allowing for secure leak free attachment.

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JLS Mag Machine Quick Release Adapter

The JLS Mag Machine Quick Release Adapter allows you to quickly and easily change out different hoses for the MAG Machine. Buy one for each of your hoses and make your process even more efficient!

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It’s fair to say that the most woodwind technicians spends 80% of their day finding and resolving leaks. This being so, anything that can be done to save time or improve results will be welcome by the professional technician and musicians alike.

We’ve assembled a great array of devices to help you more accurately diagnose and resolve all manner of leaks. A small investment in the appropriate gear will pay you dividends year after year.