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JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat

Similar to the Q Felt Bench Pad that we used to make, our JLS Q2 Felt Work Mat is made of an incredibly soft, yet dense material.

This mat has laser-cut edges and a laser-engraved JLS logo.

Dimensions: 350mm x 600mm (13.8″ x 23.6″)

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1/2″ Diam. Round Felt Bob

Harold calls this our “felt ball on a stick,” and it’s great for finishing valve and casing ports.

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Bench Block – Square

Bench blocks are used as anvils for spring peening and as a base for sax pad installing. Use as a standard for rod and cup straightening, etc.

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Bench Filing Block

Provides a 3/4″ (83mm) extension of the work bench. Consists of rubber block, iron frame, and chilled steel anvil. Used mainly for a softer surface when filing on a key, brace, or something else that needs support.

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Centering Point For Punch #245012

Replacement center for #245012 Centering Punch.

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Centering Punch

Non automatic. Must be tapped with riveting hammer (like our #230007 )

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Centering Punch – Automatic

Adjust for light or heavy strokes. Pushing down on the tool activates the striking mechanism.


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Clamp – Ring And Key

Hold small parts securely and protect fingers with the leather-lined jaws of this clamp. Rounded at one end, flat on the other.

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Dusting Brush – Wood Handle

Soft sable brush will not damage even the most fragile finish.

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Engravers Pegclamp

Holds keys for engraving, sanding, and filing.

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Jeweler’s Saw Frame 2-3/4″ Deep Adjustable

2-3/4″ Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame is a wonderful tool. The handle is large, soft, and balanced in the hand. The frame is easily adjustable and the blades mount effortlessly.

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JLS Bench Peg – Stainless Steel

201007 Drill a 3/8″ hole in the face of your workbench to mount the bench peg. Mounted in lathe chuck, it will hold thick wall joints for turning.

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JLS Bench Peg-delrin

Drill a 3/8″ hole in the face of your workbench to mount the bench peg. We do not recommend the Delrin bench peg for lathe work.

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JLS Brace Squeezer

We’ve re-introduced our JLS Brace Squeezer. The squeezer is designed to shorten a “fixed” style (non-telescoping) brace in order to properly align parts.
Think of the critical alignment of slide tubes, such as the third slide on a trumpet. If the brace is too tall, there is no way to align the slide – hence the Brace Squeezer.

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JLS MPC Polishing Arbors

Our Polishing Arbors hold the mouthpiece securely with its taper holds the backbore of the mouthpiece. The other end of the tool is chucked in a bench motor or lathe and the mouthpiece can now be securely turned.

Knipex Mini Hacksaw

Great all-around bench saw.

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Knipex Precision Tweezer

High quality tweezer. Great for managing flute shims, instrument felts, and corks.

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Lead Block 3-1/4 X 3-1/4

Measures 3-1/4 X 3-1/4″ square. Great for dapping patches. Use for removing pins from posts. Use to hold parts for operations by tapping the part into the lead.


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Micro Motor

Comes with:
Chuck Wrench instructions
2 Replacement Carbon Brushes
Hand Piece Stand

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Scriber 2-3/8 Blade X 1/4

Used to mark cut-off lines and so forth. Tip can be reversed for safe carrying.

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Sharpie, Ultra-Fine, Black

Use this ultra fine point marker to mark locations for partial shims on flute cups. Mark tubing and rod stock before cutting to length. Write part numbers on brass instrument parts. A variety of shop uses. Remove marks with rubbing alcohol.

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