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3/4 oz and 2 oz. Oilers with Tips

Oil/Flux not included.

3/4 oz. Oiler with .013″ Tip (for Thin Oils, Flux)
3/4 oz. Oiler with .016″ Tip (for Medium Oils)
3/4 oz. Oiler with .033″ Tip (for Thick Oils)

2 oz. Oiler with .013″ Tip (for Thin Oils, Flux)
2 oz. Oiler with .016″ Tip (for Medium Oils)
2 oz. Oiler with .033″ Tip (for Thick Oils)

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5ml Plastic Bottle W/needle Cap

5ml Needle Bottle with child safety cap. PET plastic that will not leak or allow evaporation.

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Beeswax In Small Tube – 1 Oz.

Great lubricant for burnishing and swedging. Use this for sealing vent tubes and so forth.

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Blaster Dry Lube 11 Oz. Aerosol

Blaster Dry Lube provides superior, long-lasting lubrication on almost any surface.

* This item cannot be shipped air. *

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Stick Lubricant-tap Ease

Developed as a lubricant for threading with taps and dies, this lube stick works beautifully for lubricating dent balls and rods as well as swedging tools.

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Valentino Valve Oil – Shop Size

#10 petroleum-based valve oil is great for new valves or ones with tight clearances.
#11 petroleum-based medium valve oil is “just right” for most valves.
#12 petroleum-based heavy valve oil is great for older horns or ones with loose tolerances.

Valentino #13 Slide Grease – Shop Size

Based on an old Ed Myers formula, our #13 is a great anti-sticking grease to apply to tuning slides that may not be used daily.

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Valentino #14 Slide Jelly – Shop Size

Our #14 “Slide Jelly” looks and feels like honey. Holds up well and is very tenacious. Very thick and will stay put. 

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Valentino #15 White Slide Grease – 1 Lb. Jar

Our #15 white slide grease is great for most tuning slide servicing and is a great lubricant for burnishing and dent machines.

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Valentino #16 Slide Lube – Shop Size

Our #16 slide lubricant is thinned jelly. Medium viscosity, pretty thick and stays put. 

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Any technician worth their salt knows that proper lubrication is essential to the performance and longevity of any instrument with moving parts. Problems caused by improper lubrication are among the most common and most easily preventable issues we see in the repair trade. A poorly lubricated instrument simply won’t perform up to its full potential and neither will the musician who plays it. Proper lubrication ensures efficient, responsive, and quiet operation while dramatically increasing the lifespan of the instrument. Lubricants are often instrument specific and performance characteristics vary greatly from one type of lubricant to another.

It’s important to have access to a wide variety of oils and greases that offer the best results for a specific job. We offer a complete assortment of top quality, high performance oils and greases for brasswind instruments as well as precision squeeze drop dispensers that can be filled with the oil or liquid flux of your choosing. Our selection is designed to speed the process and improve the performance of every instrument you service.