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Garnet Lapping Powder – 1/4 lb.

Garnet Lapping Compound is the best on the market for lapping valves and slides. It is stored and shipped as a dry powder so you can select oil or water for mixing.

If using water: use liquid soap and water.

If using oil: use a medium-weight oil (e.g. 3-in-1 or Key Oil). If the oil is too heavy it can bind up the key movement in the tube. If the oil is too light it won’t distribute enough of the grit into the tube.

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Santaper Belts 10 Pack

Replacement sanding belts for the Santaper Sticks. Keep extras on hand!

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Razor Blades Box 100

Finest single-edge blades of surgical carbon steel.

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Feather Cut Coated Blades (Box Of 10)

Quantity Price
1-9 10.45
10+ 8.89
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Abrasive Flat Cord

  • 150 Grit
  • 3/32″ Width
  • 12′ Long
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File Cuts:

  • Cut #0 – Coarsest
  • Cut #6 – Finest


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Jeweler’s Saw Blades – 12 Pack

12 pack of saw blades to be used with 2-3/4″ Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame.

For choosing the right blade size, we recommend using a jeweler’s saw blade sizing chart.

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Jeweler’s Saw Frame 2-3/4″ Deep Adjustable

2-3/4″ Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw Frame is a wonderful tool. The handle is large, soft, and balanced in the hand. The frame is easily adjustable and the blades mount effortlessly.

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Sand Screen (Silicon Carbide ) 320 Grit

Sand Screen (Silicon Carbide) 320 Grit

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Standard Scotch Brite Pads

We offer Scotch Brite in the two most useful grades for our work.

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