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Directors Brasswind Supply Assortment

The new Director’s Brasswind Supply Assortment provides a convenient array of brasswind repair items needed for proper instrument repair. This is the perfect assortment for most band rooms, and especially for the traveling Ed. Rep.

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Directors Woodwind Supply Assortment

An improved, more comprehensive list of items enables the latest Director’s Woodwind Fix Kit Supply Assortment to service more instruments – more completely. From piccolos to saxophones, this assortment provides the supplies to “keep them playing the Valentino way!”

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Directors Flute Pad Assortment

No band program or Ed. Rep. should be without this popular assortment of flute pads. Installation is easy and students will appreciate the performance of the Valentino pads!

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Directors Clarinet Pad Assortment

Save valuable downtime and keep them playing with this popular assortment of peel and stick clarinet pads. A superior seal and greater resistance to moisture are just two of the many Valentino benefits.

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Directors Bass Clarinet Pad Assortment

The sound properties of these peel and stick bass clarinet pads make them an excellent choice for rehearsals or concerts, and their excellent durability keeps your students playing longer.

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Directors Oboe/Piccolo Pad Assortment

This assortment of peel and stick oboe and piccolo pads is the perfect answer for band room or performance emergencies! Assortment covers all pad sizes for both instruments.

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Directors Sax Pad Assortment

A new item, this assortment brings the convenience and benefits of Valentino peel and stick pads to Saxophones! Now Band Directors or Ed. Reps. can offer the same immediate repair service to this important woodwind group!

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Directors Sax Bumper & Disk Assortment

This assortment of Sax bumpers and disks will keep them playing without extensive loss of time. These items should be part of the standard repair inventory in any band room.

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Directors Woodwind Cork Assortment

If you’ve ever tried cutting your own key corks, you’ll appreciate these die cut key corks, along with the tenon corks, headjoint corks, and thumb rest corks in this assortment. A must for emergency repairs!

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Directors Brass Washer Assortment

Valve washers are necessary for proper alignment and silencing of pistons. The Valentino assortment of valve washers should be a staple with band directors and traveling Ed. Reps.

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Directors Brasswind Spring Assortment

A new product offering, this brasswind spring assortment will keep your brasses playing when their “springs are sprung.” A convenient item for any Band Director or Ed. Rep. to have.

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Flute Fix Kit Shim Assortment

As seen in our Flute Fix Kit, this assortment contains some of the most commonly used flute shims. 12 sizes, 42 shims.

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Directors Waterkey Cork Assortment

A comprehensive assortment of 132 cork colored synthetic waterkey seals.

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