3ManckeHJWe’ve just received a very special order of Mancke flute headjoints that we personally hand selected from Tobias Mancke’s most recent collection and there has never been a better moment to explore the possibilities of what a handmade Mancke masterpiece can do for your individual sound. The dramatic difference that an exceptional handmade flute headjoint can bring to the performance of your instrument and the level of your playing simply cannot be overstated. And the spectacular headjoints of master builder, Tobias Mancke, are some of the most exceptional that we offer. Mancke is among the world’s most respected and sought after headjoint makers for a very good reason: his commitment to craftsmanship and his attention to detail are unquestionable and uncompromising and his innovation, artistry and love of nuance are exemplified in every headjoint he makes! Mancke headjoints offer tremendous articulation and control that you feel instantly and a depth of color and rich tonal clarity that simply beg to be explored.

Time and again we share the experience of helping musicians find the right headjoint: the one that brings their instrument to life and elevates their musical expression to an entirely new level. It’s an extraordinary and deeply inspiring moment each time we see a musician’s eyes light up in amazement when they find “the one”. We’re truly amazed by just how often it happens when they’re playing a magical Mancke.

View our selection of Mancke headjoints here.