About The Instruments We Feature

The universe of flute makes and models has exploded in the years we’ve been selling flutes. The number of brands and models seems endless. This is largely the result of burgeoning Asian manufacturers and improvements in quality that has brought acceptance of their flutes in our market. The significant manufacturing capacity from overseas has fostered the growth of many “house” brands and other “stenciled” brands, making it easy for new models to emerge seemingly overnight. For consumers this can be overwhelming.

While this huge array of models is available to us, we continually explore, review, and assess the offerings, but have a disciplined approach to what we sell.

Our criteria:

Construction:  Taking price range into consideration, it has to be of a quality that we are impressed with. It has to be an instrument that we’ll be happy to service years from now. Most of our customers send their instruments to us for service year after year, so we don’t want to sell a flute we don’t want to see back for service.
Beyond our concern with servicability, our customers will be happier with us if we’ve sold them an instrument that is reliable. We are on the front line, not the manufacturer. So if a customer has a problem with a flute, they usually turn to us to solve it, not the manufacturer.

Value:  We carry instruments of every price range, for every level of musician. We require our $399 instrument to be the best we can offer at that price.

Scale:  It has to be able to easily play in tune in a modern setting. Understanding that a perfect scale for one is not always a perfect scale for another flutist, it still has to play within the realm of what is reasonable.

Selection:  We want to offer a reasonable range of models in every price range so that our customers have enough choices, without leading to confusion.

Voice:  It has to have a different sound than the other competing models that we offer. It would not help you at all if my instruments all played the same. We don’t need redundancy we need a reasonable amount of choices.

Manufacturer Support:  We are responsible for giving our customer a high value, quality instrument. We support companies which give us the same level of support we give our clients, particularly when one of their instruments has a problem.

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Guide to Our Flute Icons:

We have developed these graphic symbols to help you easily see the difference in features between various models.

Silver-Plated, Nickel-Silver throughout

Silver none

Solid Silver Lip and Riser

Silver Lip

Solid Silver Headjoint

Silver Head Joint

Solid Silver Body

Silver Body

Solid Silver Body and Keys

Silver body keys

Flute Feature Icons

Flute icons