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Abell African Blackwood Headjoint-Standard Cut, Used

Abell African Blackwood Headjoint. This headjoint offers a wonderfully round and sweet sound, but allows for plenty of projection throughout all registers.

Price: $1,200.00
Abell Grenadilla Wood Headjoint, Used

Abell Grenadilla Wood Headjoint. Used Abell headjoint made of Grenadilla.  This headjoint offers a crisp articulate sound, it has pleasant amount of resistance, and an edge to the sound that you would expect from a metal headjoint.

Price: $995.00
Brannen 14k Gold Headjoint, Used

14K gold Brannen headjoint, Used. Classic style. Headjoint case included.

This headjoint has a wonderfully rich, iridescent, and focused tone through all registers. The articulation is extremely responsive and clear, and large interval leaps are smooth and easy to control at any dynamic range. One of Elizabeth Watsons best!  Price Recently Reduced!

Price: $5,800.00
Burkart Sterling Silver M2 Headjoint with 14K Riser, Used

Burkart Sterling Silver M2 Headjoint with 14K Riser. This Burkart M2 Style heajoint is a delight to play.  It gives depth of tone throughout the entire range of the flute.  Articulation is quick and easy especially in the low range. Built in 2000.

Price: $1,325.00
Drelinger Max Headjoint, Used

Drelinger Max Headjoint, Used Sterling silver with engraved lip plate and platinum air reed.

Price: $1,295.00
Drelinger 9k Gold headjoint with 10k Lip and Platinum Air Reed, Used

Drelinger 9k Gold headjoint with 10k Lip and Platinum Air Reed.

Price: $5,750.00
Drelinger Sliver Headjoint w/ Platinum Air Reed, Used  (Out of Stock)

Karritium Drelinger headjoint with Platinum Air-Reed.

Price: $2,150.00
 (Out of Stock)
Goosman Sterling Silver Headjoint, Used

Gorgeous Goosman. This beautiful Goosman Headjoint was handcrafted by Jack Goosman. It is sterling silver and has fantastic projection and a warm resonant sound.

Price: $1,200.00
Hammig Modified Wave Piccolo Headjoint, Used

Hammig Modified Wave Piccolo Headjoint Used - We find that the wave headjoint is more free blowing and easier to play than traditional style piccolo headjoints.  If you find you do not play piccolo often a wave headjoint might just be the right fit for you!

Price: $599.00
Landell Sterling Silver Headjoint, Used

Elegant Landell.ts, one at a time, for over 40 years. The careful craftsmanship can not only be seen, but also heard immediately when playing this little masterpiece. It has great projection and crisp articulation.

Price: $800.00
mancke logo.jpg
Mancke Sterling Silver Headjoint, USED

.016" sterling silver tube, solid sterling silver lip and riser. USED

Price: $1,900.00
Nagahara 18k Gold Headjoint with Platinum Riser, Used

Nagahara 18k Gold Headjoint with Platinum Riser

Price: $7,425.00
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